Necklace Styling 101: Wearing Necklaces for Different Necklines (2023)

With so many necklace styles, designs, and lengths to choose from, it can be hard to know which looks best. Simple, staple necklaces are wardrobe essentials, but they should never be worn as a cop-out to avoid choosing a necklace. When you find yourself wearing the same necklace day after day, you may be stuck in a styling rut. We’re here to help you out of the rut---because styling your necklace shouldn’t be a hassle. The most important rule: follow your neckline. Your neckline creates an outline to help you decide which necklace to pair with your outfit. We’ll show you how to wear necklaces for different necklines and give you additional tips on how to wear different necklace styles to help make your selection simple.

How to wear necklaces for different necklines

When choosing a necklace to match your neckline, you should consider a few questions along the way.
What do you want your necklace to do for you? A necklace is never merely decorative--it guides the expression of your style. Decide if you want your necklace to steal the show or shine the spotlight on you or your outfit. Do you want it to highlight your best features, emphasize your outfit, or make a statement all its own?
Where do you want to create a focal point? Necklace length is important. Remember that eyes will naturally fall where your necklace falls. Consider what you may or may not want people to notice when choosing a necklace.
What’s the shape of your neckline? If you’re confused about whether or not your necklace looks good or are unsure about why it doesn’t look quite right, your neckline is the first factor to consider. The length, width, and shape of your neckline should guide your decision. Here are a few guidelines to follow:

  1. Match the shape of your necklace to the shape of your neckline.
  2. If your neckline is low, don’t go lower with a necklace.
  3. Don’t add a statement necklace to a busy neckline.
  4. Don’t leave too much empty space between your necklace and neckline.
  5. Use your necklace shape to narrow a wide neckline but not to widen a narrow neckline.

What necklaces to wear with what neckline

Necklace Styling 101: Wearing Necklaces for Different Necklines (1)

Necklace for a V neck

A v-neck narrows and elongates and so should the necklace you wear with it. Choose a necklace that creates a smaller V and falls neatly inside your V neckline. Don’t wear a necklace wider or longer than a V neck, or your necklace will rival your neckline.
Our recommendation: Black and Gold Avalon Wrap Necklace

Necklace for a round neckline

If you’re wearing a round neckline, like a crew neck or scoop neck, make sure your necklace is also a round shape. Don’t choose a V-shaped necklace or one with a pointed pendant.

Necklace for a crew neck

A crew neck shortens the neck and gives the illusion of a fuller chest. This neckline looks good with a short or long necklace, so your decision depends on whether you want to create a full chest with a long necklace or avoid it with a short one. You can also use a necklace to create a collar on a crew neck. Riviere-style necklaces add the perfect sparkly collar.

(Video) How to Choose the Right Jewelry for Your Neckline

Necklace for a scoop neck

A scoop neck emphasizes the collarbone. If you want your collarbone to be more pronounced, choose a short, round necklace. Long necklaces also look great with this style of neckline. But if you’re wearing a low scoop neck, your necklace should not hang lower than the neckline. Otherwise, you’ll create a distracting amount of empty space above the neckline. A scoop neck provides a great setting for a statement piece, like a fringe or bib necklace.
Our recommendation: Multi-Strand Labradorite Necklace with Sterling Silver

Necklace for a high neckline

High necklines, like a halter necks or turtlenecks, create an upside-down V that narrows your shoulders and lengthens your torso. Select a long necklace that does not compete with a high collar. Rope or lariat necklaces are a great choice.

Necklace for a halter neckline

Halter tops show off the shoulders and make them look slimmer, so choose a V-shaped necklace that also elongates your shape.

Necklace for a turtleneck

With a turtleneck, choose a necklace that draws the eye downward and away from the neck to avoid overcrowding it. This neckline looks great with layered necklaces and long pendants.
Our recommendation: Black Onyx Druzy Pendant on Black Spinel

Necklace for a sweetheart neckline

Choose a necklace that adds to and enhances the curves of the sweetheart neckline. A necklace with sharp angles will cause a blunt and confusing disruption. A mid-length necklace looks best since it leads the eye right to the heart of the neckline.
Our recommendation: Black and Gold Keum-Boo Diamond Disk Necklace

Necklace for a square neckline

A square neckline contrasts the natural curves of the body and creates a more angular look, so your necklace should also have edges. Square or rectangular pendants suit this neckline well.
Our recommendation: Long Triple-Strand Bead Necklace

(Video) How to Wear Jewelry: Pairing Necklaces & Necklines

Necklace for one shoulder dress or blouse

If your neckline falls off the shoulder, go bolder. One-shoulder dresses leave space for a statement necklace. The same rule applies to strapless dresses. Both necklines leave empty space that can be filled with a stunning statement necklace. It’s a good idea to keep your necklace collar length with a one-shoulder neckline so you don’t create two focal points (the necklace and the shoulder) that distract from one another.
Our recommendation: 5-Stick Rose-Cut Sapphire Necklace with Tourmaline

Necklace for a boat neck

A boat neck widens the shoulders, so you may want to choose a necklace that draws the eye inward and adds length. A princess or matinee necklace with a pendant can help you achieve this effect.
Our recommendation: Dream of Moorea – Silver and Baroque Pearl Pendant Necklace

Necklace for a cowl neckline

A cowl neck draws attention to itself, and your necklace shouldn’t compete with it for attention. Choose a necklace that lies above the cowl neckline, not on top of it. A short and simple pendant will look nice and clean. But if your cowl neck is large or high, you may want to opt for earrings instead of a necklace. If this neckline is soft and subtle, choose a simple princess-length necklace.
Our recommendation: Gold Ringlets on Woven Chain

Necklace for a collared shirt

The collar and the buttons down the center of a collared shirt already embellish the shirt like accessories, so it can be challenging to find the right necklace. A simple necklace is a safe and elegant choice, but a statement necklace can also work if it fits within the opening of the collar or sticks out from beneath the collar.
Our recommendation: Black and Gold Simple Avalon Necklace

How to wear a necklace

  1. Keep it neat. Make sure the styles are congruent so your necklace blends with the rest of your outfit. If you choose a statement necklace, make sure it complements your style and fits your neckline.
  2. Keep it simple with busy tops. Wear simple and long necklaces when your outfit has a lot going on to prevent a confusing look.
  3. Don’t distract from your face. Your necklace should accent your face shape and enhance your features, not add length to an oval-shaped face or shorten a round face.
  4. Find your focus. Don’t wear statement earrings with a statement necklace--that includes even simple layered necklaces. Bold earrings need a subtle necklace; even a small pendant may be distracting. Bold necklaces call for simple studs.

How to wear long necklaces

  • Don’t wear long necklaces with crop tops. It looks best when a necklace falls somewhere above the bottom of the shirt. Choker or collar necklaces look great.
  • Don’t add too much length. You don’t want to over-elongate to the point of sagging. Picture a long dress with a low scoop neck and a rope necklace--the look is disproportionately heavy on the lower half.
  • Layer or wrap long necklaces for versatility. Long necklaces are multi-purpose pieces that can be shortened, lengthened, layered, or even wrapped around the wrist like a bracelet for different looks.

How to layer necklaces like a pro

Layering necklaces is simpler than you may think. The number of layers you wear is limitless. Wearing multiple pieces of jewelry at one time looks beautiful and is sure to attract compliments if styled tastefully. Here are a few options for layering necklaces.

  1. Stacked layers, one right on top of another, add color, texture, and flair to shorter necklaces.
  2. Slightly longer layers with similar chains give a reflective or shadow effect. Try wearing two collar-length necklaces but choose one a fourth of an inch longer.
  3. Long layers create depth and make a statement. You can tier each layer at a different level for symmetry or tier a few with some stacked in between for extra dimension.
  4. Layers with no embellishments give a dainty and more formal or more a minimalist look. You can play with different widths and links to vary your look. But it’s usually best to stick with one color.
  5. Layers with embellishments can have a single pendant, multiple small beads or charms, multiple larger pendants, or an assortment of embellishments. When you have pendants with different colors, you can also vary the color of the chains layered.

Our recommendations: Spinel and Pearl and layered necklace

How to wear multiple necklaces without tangling

(Video) How To Know What Necklaces Look Good With Which Necklines On Dresses

  • Weigh one or more layers down with a pendant.
  • Vary the textures. Chains with linking or beading of different sizes or shapes are less likely to tangle.
  • Spread out the lengths. A choker with a lariat, for example, would have too wide a distance between the layers to tangle.

How to wear pendants

  1. Decide how many pendants you want to wear.
  2. Choose your pendant length. Long pendant necklaces add weight, so they're great for adding shape to flowy shirts or chunky sweaters. Short pendants can create a central focal point on a round necklace and look great with a V-neck or collared shirt.
  3. Decide how you want to stack them. Two different pendants can lie side-by-side, either on the same chain or two different chains. If you tier the layers, place the heaviest pendant on the bottom for balance.
  4. Make sure your pendants complement each other. They don’t have to be the same shape, color, or style, but all three should balance each other well.

How to wear a necklace with a T-shirt

  • Graphic T-shirts usually require short necklaces since they don’t overlap with the print. Choose simple gold chains, chokers, or short statement pieces.
  • White T-shirts provide a backdrop for bold statements--either layers or colorful bib necklaces.
  • Flowy T-shirts often need long pendants or multiple layers to add shape
  • Tanks can be dressed up with a choker or collar necklace that retains and refines the top’s playfulness.

When not to wear a necklace

Adding a necklace to any of these three styles also adds chaos and clutter to your look.

  • With a high, thick, or ruffled neck
  • With statement earrings
  • With necklines embellished with bling or bows

There are always exceptions to styling rules, and when it comes to your style, you know best. Since you’ve learned the rules to necklace styling, you can break them tastefully. Now that you know how to pair necklaces with different outfits, you can put your knowledge into practice with current necklace trends.

8 Trending necklaces

Looking for must-have necklaces of 2021? We’ve got you covered.

1. Baroque pearls

2. Fringe necklaces

3. Flower focus

(Video) Necklace and Neckline

4. Artistic emphasis

5. Colored gemstones

6. Gold stacked with beach beads

7. Crushed metal

8. Long pendants


What kind of necklace to wear with a round neckline? ›

If you're wearing a round neckline, your necklace should ideally be a round shape. Try not to combine a round neckline with a pointed pendant or V-shaped necklace, as these will not sit well. The necklace should be just a little shorter than the neckline.

How do you wear a lot of necklaces? ›

Here are six rules to layering your necklaces:
  1. Wear at least three necklaces at a time. ...
  2. Mix up the length of your necklaces. ...
  3. Add length with a lariat necklace. ...
  4. Play with enamel. ...
  5. Style a bold necklace for a pop of color. ...
  6. Keep your metals unified.

How do I choose a necklace style? ›

Before purchasing any necklace, take the time to measure around your neck and down to the focal point you prefer. Using a string or another necklace is an easy way to do this. Write down your measurement. For chokers, add two inches to your neck measurement for a comfortable length.

What types of necklines compliment all body types? ›

  • Straight, Hourglass, Apple, Pear, Inverted Triangle – works for all body types. The deeper, wider neckline draws the eye downward, lengthening the upper body.
  • Small to large bust.
  • Narrow to wide shoulders – for narrow shoulders, go with a wide scoop and for wide shoulders, go with a narrow scoop.
  • Short neck.

How do you wear 3 necklaces without tangling? ›

The most convenient way to keep the necklaces in place is to use a necklace detangler. You just have to buy these and then link your chains to its clasps and voila! your necklaces will stay in their place as the detangler will keep each chain distant from the other, thus, keeping the chains from getting tangled.

How to layer 3 necklaces? ›

Chain Type and Placement Matter

"When layering three necklaces, you want the attention to go to the top necklace and the bottom necklace," Gindi says, adding that the middle necklace should be something clean and simple. "If you choose to include only one pendant, go for the bottom.

How many necklaces should I wear at once? ›

In general, most people choose between three and five necklaces to layer. The most important thing is the aesthetics in styles, shapes, and lengths. See below for a layered look with three different lengths and styles, but with the same 14K yellow gold and a flash of diamonds.

What is the most flattering necklace length? ›

What is the Most Flattering Necklace Length? The standard necklace measures 16 inches (choker length). This length is flattering on all women and it usually falls on the clavicle.

What is the most popular style of necklace? ›

Chain Necklace

Among the most common types of necklaces, chains come in all lengths and widths. They can have anything from one to many layers, and most have more than two. They also come in a variety of metallic hues, including white gold, silver, gold, and rose gold.

What is the most popular chain style? ›

A Curb chain has the most common design among chains, which is made from a series of interconnected uniform flat links. It's one of the top choices when it comes to necklaces; heavy and sturdy curb chains are popular among men while the smaller and thinner curb chains with pendants are more popular among women.

What shape is almost fit to all kinds of necklace? ›

The oval face is soft and curved, slightly longer than it is wide. This face shape can wear almost any neckline or jewelry style.

What does wearing a circle necklace mean? ›

Long before Oprah wore her circle of life necklace on her show, this simple geometric symbol has had significant meaning in all cultures throughout history. The message is as simple and beautiful as the design itself: Unity, Wholeness and Completeness.

Which necklace is best for round face? ›

If you have a round shaped face, go for long, vertical styles - especially dangles, drops, narrow chandeliers and ear threads to give the illusion of a longer face.

Should you wear more than one necklace? ›

Yes, you can layer two necklaces and wear them simultaneously. For the best look without tangling, wear necklaces of different lengths.

How do you wear more than one necklace without tangling? ›

How to Keep Your Necklaces from Tangling
  1. Make sure they're at least 2" apart. ...
  2. Unclasp the necklace and dangle it from one side to get all the twists out. ...
  3. Use necklaces with different chains or materials. ...
  4. Mix chunky + dainty. ...
  5. Put on daintier necklaces first, and then chunky necklaces.
Jul 10, 2019

How far apart should layered necklaces be? ›

Rule #1: Spacing- It is key to have the necklaces properly spaced. If the necklaces are too close in length, the look will appear cluttered and tangled instead of simple and layered. I recommend layering your necklaces at least 1/2 inch apart.

What is the most flattering neckline? ›

Sweetheart necklines are arguably the most universally flattering neckline. For those with curves, it accentuates those curves gorgeously by balancing out the hips and hugging your chest. For those with smaller busts, it gives the illusion of curves without feeling overdone.

What neckline makes you look thinner? ›

V-Neck Tops

Tops or T-shirts with a V neckline help create an elongated appearance. The inverted triangle gives it an illusion of a slimmer body.

What neckline makes you look younger? ›

Pay attention to the neckline.

You may try to hide an aging neck under your clothes, but in fact, an open neckline will make you look younger and more attractive. Try a V-neck sweater, jacket, or dress with a narrow, ruffled collar.

How do you wear layered necklaces? ›

How to Layer Necklaces
  1. Choose Different Lengths. The first step to layering necklaces is to choose three or four necklaces that each have a different length. ...
  2. Combine Different Styles. ...
  3. Wear a Statement Necklace. ...
  4. Add a Lariat Necklace. ...
  5. Choose Similar Metals. ...
  6. Wear the Right Top. ...
  7. Be You. ...
  8. Fill Your Jewelry Box.

Is there a trick to untangling necklaces? ›

Use Baby Powder

Put your chain on a soft cloth, douse with baby powder, and then gently try to ease the knots out. Baby powder serves as a lubricant between the chain links, hopefully allowing you to untangle the knots without having to pull.

How do you make a perfect necklace stack? ›

To style a five piece necklace stack, stick to your rule of varying lengths, as this will help them from tangling onto each other. Start with a short choker at 14 inch, then a chain at 16 inch and three pendant necklaces at 18, 20 and 22 inch. Or mix it up and go 3 chains & 2 pendants - the world is your oyster!

What necklaces can you wear all the time? ›

When it comes to figuring out what kind of jewelry is sweat- and water-resistant (whether it's rings, necklaces, earrings, or even a medical bracelet), check that it's solid gold, gold filled, or sterling silver. These metals are also hypoallergenic, which means it won't make your skin break out, itch, or turn green.

What does 2 rings on a necklace mean? ›

Wearing a necklace with two rings means a bond between two people. They could be together or apart, but they have deep feelings in common. It could be a mother and her daughter or a father and his son. The rings represent their strong bond.

What is the most popular necklace chain length? ›

Popular necklace lengths

Standard (or princess) length necklaces (usually 45cm or 18") are the most commonly worn length and will suit most situations. If you're looking for a necklace or pendant to wear day to day, then this is likely to be your go-to length.

What is the average size necklace chain for a woman? ›

18": An 18" necklace falls right about at the collarbone and is the most popular chain length among women.

What is the average necklace size for a woman? ›

The most common women's necklace chain length is 18 inches. This size fits the average sized woman. Refer to the chart above for more details about they types of necklines that go best with different length necklace chains.

What type of necklaces are in style 2023? ›

Jewelry Trend 2023: Tennis Necklaces

Right now, it's the tennis necklace that's stealing the spotlight, and when real diamonds are out of the question (and by question we mean budget), lab-grown pieces from brands like Dorsey are an increasingly popular choice.

Are necklaces out 2023? ›

Style Notes: Chunky chain necklaces will never go out of style; this is as good a fashion prediction as any I can think of. At the very least, they're not going anywhere for 2023, as many designers played with collar-length chains in their collections.

What is the strongest style of necklace? ›

Anchor chains are the heaviest and most durable chain style because their links tend to be thick in proportion to their size, making them a great option if you want jewelry pieces that will last a lifetime.

What chains sparkle the most? ›

Diamond cut chains are one of the most eye-catching chains available. Like the cut of a diamond, these chains feature angled facets that create a sparkle-like appearance.

What chain style shines the most? ›

Rope Chain

The segments are connected tightly in twos or threes, with a twisting pattern so that it resembles an actual rope. Thanks to this eye-catching twisting rope pattern, the Rope Chain reflects light amazingly well from all angles. Thus, the rope chain is one of the most lustrous, lavish, shiny types of chains.

What is the best chain to wear all the time? ›

The most durable and long lasting option is solid gold chains made of either 14k solid gold or 18k solid gold. The karat of gold in 14k jewelry holds up well and is strong enough to wear everyday.

Why do we need to know the different types of neckline? ›

When searching for the most flattering dresses or tops for your body type, you may consider factors like silhouette, fabric, or drape. However, necklines are of equal importance because different neckline styles can emphasize or deemphasize different parts of your body—from your shoulders to your collarbone.

Can you wear a necklace with an asymmetrical neckline? ›

Asymmetrical necklines are a fun way to break down any outfit. Whether you're going full toga style or the trendy “accidental slip off the shoulder” neckline look, you can balance it out with a short pendant necklace. It will add a slight sparkle and bring some attention to highlight your collarbone.

How do you coordinate clothes with jewelry? ›

10 Ways to Coordinate Jewelry with Your Outfit
  1. The Jewelry Matches the Occasion. ...
  2. Busy Patterns and Simple Jewelry Go Hand-in-hand. ...
  3. Use Statement Earrings to Highlight the Face. ...
  4. Jewelry That Compliments Skin Tone. ...
  5. Mixing Warm Jewelry With Cool Colors. ...
  6. Mixing Cool Jewelry With Warm Colors. ...
  7. Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend.

What neckline is most flattering? ›

Sweetheart necklines are arguably the most universally flattering neckline. For those with curves, it accentuates those curves gorgeously by balancing out the hips and hugging your chest. For those with smaller busts, it gives the illusion of curves without feeling overdone.

What neckline makes you look skinny? ›

V-Neck Tops

Tops or T-shirts with a V neckline help create an elongated appearance. The inverted triangle gives it an illusion of a slimmer body.

What is the most popular neckline? ›

The crew neckline is the most common neckline for t-shirts. It's round that sits above the collarbone close to the neck. This type of neckline looks best on people with longer necks.

Which of necklines should not be avoided when you have a round face? ›

Round Face Shape

Avoid rounded necklines with crew or bateau neckline. Depth: Try for lower necklines to create length, so collared shirt that open at the neck creates a great balance for your face shape.

What kind of necklace to wear with a square neckline? ›

Collar Necklace

Shorter necklaces that rest on the collarbone are known as collar necklaces. They are the ideal necklaces to wear with a square neckline because they draw attention to the outfit and give your whole look more depth.

When can you wear multiple necklaces without tangling? ›

The most convenient way to keep the necklaces in place is to use a necklace detangler. You just have to buy these and then link your chains to its clasps and voila! your necklaces will stay in their place as the detangler will keep each chain distant from the other, thus, keeping the chains from getting tangled.

How many pieces of jewelry should you wear at once? ›

Generally speaking, it is best not to wear more than three accessories at a time. Too many accessories will make the overall look too cumbersome and can not get a good decoration effect. In addition, it is best to choose a similar style for each type of jewelry, so that the matching will be more coordination.

What color jewelry goes with everything? ›

Neutral outfits: go with diamonds and black jewelry. All outfits go well with diamonds!

How does Marie Kondo organize jewelry? ›

Use small empty boxes as dividers. While working with clients, Marie spends more time per inch on jewelry storage than anything else. The box your jewelry originally came in from Schiffman's is ideal, but any box with separate compartments will get the job done.

What is the most attractive necklace length? ›

18-inch, or princess, necklaces are the most popular necklace length. They can be worn with any neckline and outfit – transitioning effortlessly from a chic, everyday look to an elegant, evening ensemble.

What is the perfect necklace length? ›

Standard (or princess) length necklaces (usually 45cm or 18") are the most commonly worn length and will suit most situations. If you're looking for a necklace or pendant to wear day to day, then this is likely to be your go-to length.


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